WWE Smackdown takes a dive into the feud between Brock Lesnar and Rusev

The feud between WWE Smakdown Tag Team Champions Rusevic and Lesnar will take a dive next week when Brock Lesniak faces the challenger in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match at WrestleMania 30.

On Monday’s edition of SmackDown Live, Smack Down Head Writer Matt Besser discussed the history between the two superstars, and whether Lesnar is in the right for the match.

“I’m not sure about the history of Rusevs reign, but if he is, he’s certainly going to be the favorite,” Bessers said.

“There are a lot of rumors that Rusevis reign is over and his title reign is coming to an end, but he still has a lot to prove.”

Besser also addressed whether or not Brock Lesnik will be able to hold onto his WWE Title.

“As far as the title, I’m not saying it’s his to lose, but I think it is going to come down to how he handles this match,” he said.

“The match itself is very much the culmination of his career.

It’s going to end with him getting his title back.”

Bessen also touched on the feuds past, including whether Lesniac’s return is the “right time” to take a break from the business.

“If he is in a spot where he feels like he has to go, I think the timing of that match with the World Heavyweights match at Wrestlemania is right,” Bessen said.”[But] if he can stay out of the ring and focus on the business, and not really focus on his career, that would be a better time for him to take that break.”BESSER ON LESNIA’S RETURN: I THINK IT IS GOING TO END WITH HIM GETTING HIS TITLE BACK”The most important thing that I think that we have to look at is whether or a) he can hold his title, or b) he’s able to stay out there and do his job,” Besse said.

“‘Cause he’s a great competitor, and we’ve seen him win the WWE Championship in his career.”

Besson said that Lesnar’s return to WWE would also be the perfect opportunity to discuss the relationship between Brock and RUSEV.

“Lesnar is a big part of RUSEVs history,” he explained.

“And he was one of the main drivers of the feud.

He had a lot on his plate at the end of the year.

And he needed to be able, if not able, to make some changes and not let the past linger.”

Besse said that the timing and timing of Lesnar going back to the ring after a WWE World Championship match could be the most appropriate time for Lesniakov to put on his wrestling boots and return to the main roster.

“That would be the best way to honor RUSEv, because it would be fitting for him as he continues to move forward and really get himself back into shape, to be ready to go and face him in the ring at WrestleMo where he has won the title,” he stated.

“It would be his chance to finally get his title belt back.

And it would really be fitting to take him to the top of the card at WrestleManias title match.”

Busser said that he would be very surprised if Rusevik didn’t have the title belt in his hands when the time comes to fight him at Wrestle Mania.

“He’s the guy that we know he is,” Besson said.

The feud between WWE Smakdown Tag Team Champions Rusevic and Lesnar will take a dive next week when Brock Lesniak…