‘I am not a racist’: Scottish Tory leader says he was bullied

A defiant Tory leader has told a packed Scottish Conservative conference that he is not a “racist” after being targeted with abuse on Twitter.

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson spoke to a crowd of Tory activists and supporters in Edinburgh’s Glasgow Business Centre before the Conservative conference started on Monday.

She said: “I am a strong woman, a proud woman, who will not back down from anyone, no matter how much they might be angry.”

But I do not have the luxury of saying to them, ‘You’re not racist.’

“It’s important to know what’s happening in the world.

It is the world we live in.”

So I am not racist, I am a woman, and I am proud of that.

“It is the same with men.

I am in a relationship with a man.

I want to raise my children with a woman.”

Davidson, who has been the subject of much controversy on social media over her decision to join the SNP, has previously been accused of being “pandering” to “left-wing feminists” for support from the party.

She told delegates: “There are a lot of women in our party who want to be part of the political debate, but I know from my own experience in politics, that people can be mean, they can be racist, and they can go to the party and say, ‘No, I’m not a nationalist.'”

I’m a proud Conservative woman, I have no intention of making myself an example of that, but what is happening now is that the left-wing feminism is being used as a way of getting women and people of colour in politics.”‘

I am proud’The Scottish Tory conference began on Monday in Edinburgh with the party’s first leader, Ruth Davidson, speaking at a meeting of the conference’s leadership committee.

Ahead of the speech, a number of party members heckled the Scottish Tory Leader, claiming she was “poster child for left-right feminism.”

Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale and former deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon also spoke.

The Scottish Conservatives are in second place in the polls ahead of the next election in 2020.

The party was one of several major parties to back Scottish independence from the UK in June’s referendum, but the decision has led to an unprecedented split in the country.

A number of Labour-led parties have since made concessions to Scottish voters, with the SNP expected to be the biggest party to back independence.

Davidson said her party would “take back power” if it were to be elected on September 18.”

We are going to take back power, and it will be from the people,” she said.”

If you want to know who we are, if you want us to be able to be our true self, then vote Labour.

We’re not going to be a party that is going to stand up and say this is who we want to represent Scotland.”‘

No-one wants to be in charge of you”A number Labour MPs have said they will not support Davidson’s party in next month’s general election.

Davidnson, a former minister in the Scottish Labour party, is expected to face the SNP in a snap election in October, with a majority of seats expected.

David’s party is already holding a leadership election in September.

A defiant Tory leader has told a packed Scottish Conservative conference that he is not a “racist” after being targeted…