Why America’s military is so incompetent

A lot of people say the U.S. military is the most incompetent in the world.

But a new study suggests the U of A may be right.

According to the Military Review, a research team at the University of Alberta, the U is ranked only second to China for its overall performance in “defence-related matters” in 2016.

The study, published in the journal Military Review in July, found that the U’s ability to effectively conduct its own defence and intelligence work was “subpar,” with a rate of about 19 percent.

That rate was worse than countries such as India, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.

In other words, U. S. troops are at least as incompetent as other nations.

“This study provides an important step in understanding the US’ military’s performance, and its overall quality, as well as the impact of the US ‘defence’ policy,” wrote the authors.

The report was based on data from U.N. reports on the effectiveness of military activities in various areas of military planning.

U.K. military officials have since acknowledged that the country is not on par with the rest of the world, with a higher rate of casualties and a higher incidence of civilians dying.

The UK has also had a much higher rate than other nations of civilian deaths.

“We have a higher mortality rate than most of the developed countries in the global community,” an unnamed senior UK military official told the BBC.

The authors of the report said the UK had a more “effective and effective defence than any other country.”

The report did not examine the effects of the military’s failure to develop and maintain a cohesive military infrastructure.

Instead, it focused on the number of troops that are currently deployed in each country.

The U. of A, which is not a NATO member, is the only one that does not currently have a NATO-member mission.

U of T has a mission in Afghanistan, while the U S has an alliance-wide mission in Iraq.

Canada and Australia have mission in Syria, but the U doesn’t.

Canada has no mission in Yemen.

There are about 3,000 Canadian troops in Afghanistan and 1,200 in Iraq, but Canada has a much smaller military footprint than the U, with fewer than 700 troops stationed in Afghanistan.

The United States, meanwhile, has more than 8,000 troops stationed around the world and has more troops in Syria than the UK, and more than 100 in Yemen than the Canadian troops.

A lot of people say the U.S. military is the most incompetent in the world.But a new study suggests the…