Which Kerala towns are worst hit by cyclone?

A round-up of Kerala’s worst hit towns, in alphabetical order.

Posted November 09, 2019 18:30:14Kerala is still reeling from the devastating cyclone which tore through the state’s heartland last month, killing at least 1,000 people and leaving many more without homes or safe passage out of the state.

Many towns and villages have already been left without power or water supply, leaving many of them unable to get on with their daily lives.

In some cases, people are left without food and fuel as well.

Kerala’s chief minister, J Jayalalithaa, said last month that the cyclone’s impact was “still to be measured”.

However, the extent of the damage is still being assessed.

As many as 1,076 people have been confirmed dead in the state so far, while another 6,631 have been reported missing.

Many people have also been left homeless, with many without homes and no safe exit route from the area.

In the capital, Kannur, some 1,700 houses are still standing, while more than 300 others have been destroyed, according to local officials.

Many residents in the south of the country have also begun to return to their homes.

Most of those who have returned to their home areas have been displaced people, many of whom have not been able to get back to their village in the aftermath of the cyclonic storm.

A total of 6,812 people have died and 5,939 are missing so far in Kerala, according the state government.

Last month, Kottayam in Kerala recorded the worst weather in the country, with the worst flooding of the year.

The cyclone has also left hundreds of people stranded in a number of parts of the State, including in Ernakulam, and in the district of Thiruvananthapuram.

As many 6,926 people are unaccounted for in the State and the total number of missing is expected to rise.

Residents of the districts of Vanniyaravu, Bambalur and Kottakurur are also missing.

Local media has also reported that a woman, who has been missing for the past five days, was rescued from the waters of the Yamuna in the region.

The weather has also been affected by the devastating storm in neighbouring Tamil Nadu, with several towns and cities reporting that the rainfall has been heavy and there is a risk of flooding.

The storm was also blamed for devastating the roads and power supply to the region, which was also hit hard by the cyclones 2015 and 2017.

In a bid to stem the flooding, the state has ordered flood control projects in some areas, including the coastal city of Kottai and the eastern parts of Chennai, with a focus on the coastal cities of Palakkad and Chikkamulam.

Meanwhile, some people are also saying that the weather is not good enough to travel out of Kerala.

A round-up of Kerala’s worst hit towns, in alphabetical order.Posted November 09, 2019 18:30:14Kerala is still reeling from the devastating…