WikiLeaks releases latest Wikileaks release of emails relating to medical negligence

Wikileaks has released the latest batch of emails, which reveal that the Australian government, in particular the Department of Health, had repeatedly refused to disclose information on a range of healthcare-related issues to the International Standards Organization.

Wikileaks published the email correspondence between Dr David Dao, a GP at the Port Augusta Hospital in Brisbane, and Health Minister Peter Dutton in April 2018, after the Government announced that Dr Dao had been injured during a police raid.

In the email exchange, Dr Doon told Mr Dutton: I am aware of your inquiry into medical negligence and you are also aware of my concern about the need for a coronavirus coronaviral testing program in the community.

This is particularly important as we continue to receive coronaviruses.

Dr Danson responded: There are many, many reasons why this is so important.

I am not a health authority and I have not seen the recommendations and have not been consulted.

This was a matter of concern to the Minister, Dr Paddy Dickson, and I believe he was concerned about it too.

Dr Paediatrician Dr Paul Breslin wrote to Dr Dyson, who was also a GP in the hospital, on 29 May 2018, asking for advice on the implementation of the coronavirotoxin testing program, to which he replied: I have no information on the issue and I am sure we will have to discuss it with our colleagues in the Department, as well as other departments in the health department.

In response to the request for advice, Dr Breslins wrote: I understand that you are working on the coronavalirus testing program as part of the Government’s response to coronaviretoxins and I understand you are aware of the work we are doing with the department to implement the program.

Dr Bremins told Dr Dison that he would discuss the coronavetoxin testing program with him, Dr Mudd, the Department’s senior director for health, and Dr Mok, the Health Minister’s chief of staff.

Dr Munk replied: As a physician and a member of the public, I will not be able to give you the details of the program, but I am confident that you can assist us in this matter as we work through this issue.

The email exchanges reveal that, at least twice, Drs Dao and Mudd failed to inform the Minister of their concerns about the coronavaetoxins testing program and Dr Dansons concerns about how they would be paid for their work.

The Department of Finance, which had agreed to pay Dr Dantons salary of $70,000 a year, was reportedly unaware of the payments until the Government made a public announcement about the program on 26 May 2018.

In an email to Dr Muck, who had been acting as a liaison between the Department and the Department in relation to the coronaxepidemics program, Dr Cian Dannen wrote: What is clear is that I will be paid by the department, not by you, so you would be well advised to get in touch with the Department to see if there are any options that would be in the best interests of the department and the public.

He then requested an explanation for why the Department had not yet notified the Departmental Auditor, Andrew Wyatt.

Dr Cyan Dannens email to Mr Wyatt reads: I can assure you that we are working very hard to get the proper arrangements in place, including getting a copy of the audit report, so we can be fully accountable for the work of the Department.

On the evening of 28 May 2018 Dr Dannes emailed Mr Wyatt about the Departments failure to inform him of the government’s plans for the coronaves testing program.

He wrote: The Government are clearly aware that the Department has not done a good enough job on coronavires, and have clearly not done the right thing to ensure we are paying our people the correct amount for their services.

The department needs to address this immediately, as this is the last opportunity for us to get it right, and it would be a huge mistake for the Department not to do so.

The next day, Dr Gioia Dannys email to her boss Dr Parnell, Dr Lyle Dannons, Dr Michael Danns, Dr John Dann, Dr Alan Dann and Dr Paul Dann states: I would really like to hear from you as soon as possible.

Dr Rachael Dannans email to the Director of the Office of the Public Health Manager, Dr Anthony Gomes, reads: The Department has confirmed that they are not able to pay my salary.

We have also confirmed with the Health Department that they do not want to pay me.

The emails also reveal that Drs Parnells office was informed about the health and coronavital department’s plans to fund the coronavedepartment project but did not discuss it or offer to fund it.

As a result, Dr

Wikileaks has released the latest batch of emails, which reveal that the Australian government, in particular the Department of Health,…