Why is it so hard to find a job in Italy?

NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images It may sound like a cliché, but finding work in Italy is notoriously difficult.

So why do some people feel stuck?

In an article published in Italian daily Corriere della Sera, journalist Giulia Giorgia argues that many Italians don’t want to work, and it is a result of a lack of resources and a lack in social mobility.

Giorgias report found that only about half of the unemployed Italians have jobs, and a whopping 63% have never set foot in a work force.

The problem is particularly acute in northern Italy, where Italy has one of the highest unemployment rates in the world.

But the Italian media have been quick to dismiss her findings as ‘fake news’.

The article’s headline reads: “Italy needs a new wave of immigration.”

Giorgiades findings are particularly interesting because they were originally published on October 9, a day after the general election, which saw the anti-immigration Northern League and its leader, Matteo Salvini, emerge victorious.

The Northern League, which is currently in third place in the polls, was founded in the 1960s and was founded by Italian immigrants.

Salvini’s anti-immigrant party has been polling at around 30% in the last two years, but is polling at 10% right now.

The Italian media quickly seized on Giorgiias findings, and quickly made up some of her findings.

One of the key points she made was that only 15% of unemployed Italians actually had jobs.

In a statement, the Italian government said: “We do not think this is news at all.

In a country where unemployment is so high, many people still find it difficult to find work.

We’re not saying that they’re not employed, just that it’s not at the level they need to be.”

However, Giorgio says that the Northern League has failed to deliver the economic reforms required to bring people back to work.

“There’s a huge problem with the level of support they’re getting from the Italian public.

They’re getting it from the right people,” she said.

Giacomo Carabello, head of Italy’s central bank, told the Corriert newspaper that “many economists and even politicians” in Italy have called for a more targeted migration policy.

Carabello told the newspaper that he had been asked to help with the Northern Party’s campaign, but that he was not going to take on any of the party’s initiatives.

“We are not going for the big reforms, we’re not going after the problems in our economy,” he said.

“We need to build a new future.”

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NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images It may sound like a cliché, but finding work in Italy is notoriously difficult.So why…