Why is a man from a small town in India being denied entry to a US airport?

A man who used to work at a construction site in the Indian state of Kerala has been denied entry into the United States after his name was put on a list of banned travellers for entering the country.

Indian police arrested Mr Mahbubu, a farmer from the state of Andhra Pradesh, in September and charged him with making threats to assassinate President Donald Trump and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Mr Mahbubuc is a known critic of the Indian government, which has been accused of human rights violations including extrajudicial executions, and has been a critic of India’s economic policies.

Indian authorities deny the charges.

Mr Mohamad told NBC News he was detained by the FBI and Customs and Border Protection agents in Kansas City, Kansas, after arriving at the airport on September 14.

“I had not been here for three months.

I had been in the US for three years,” Mr Mohamud said.

“I was told that my name was on a travel ban list and they were trying to get me to leave the country.”

Mr Mohammud said he was taken to a room and fingerprinted and then told he could not leave the US until he submitted a security bond and submitted to a polygraph test.

“The agent then took me to a hotel room and told me to have an examination, which I had to undergo,” he said.

When Mr Mohammad failed to submit a bond and failed to pass a polygraphic test, he was placed in the custody of the FBI.

The FBI has said it does not keep track of such travelers.

Indian officials told NBC affiliate KCTV that Mr Mohambu had been arrested on October 2 for allegedly making threats against the US.

He was also arrested for making anti-government statements on social media, according to The Associated Press news agency.

Mr Mohammed, a human rights lawyer, said he has been working for two years on behalf of Mr Mohnamud, who is currently living in the United Arab Emirates, in an attempt to get him to return to India.

“It’s my hope that he can get to the United Kingdom,” Mr Mohammed said.

“But unfortunately, he’s in jail.”‘

There is no law’ for Indian travellers Mr Mohama said he had submitted several applications to US authorities in recent years, including one to get a US visa to visit his father in Pakistan.

“There is a law that says if you want to enter the US, you have to prove that you have a legal basis to enter.

There is no problem with me,” he told NBC.”

They (US officials) just tell me that I’m not a legal person, that my passport is not valid and I’m being denied access to the US,” he added.

A man who used to work at a construction site in the Indian state of Kerala has been denied entry…