TechCrunch: Vanguard: The Next Generation of Online Business Intelligence is here

Vanguard, a company that has become a darling of the financial services industry and an industry favorite for its proprietary software, is launching a new product today that aims to create the next generation of online business intelligence.

The company, which is launching in beta today, is an open source project that lets businesses use the power of its software to collect, analyze, and store data in a way that can be easily shared to the broader ecosystem.

“We’ve been able to build a product that is going to deliver a service that is actually much better than what we currently offer,” said James Lander, the chief operating officer of Vanguard.

“It will have more features, more capabilities, and it will do it much faster than what’s out there.”

The company is working on the project with the goal of providing “the next generation” of online intelligence tools for large companies, and is building on what it has already built for small businesses.

Vanguard’s project will be called DataRoutes, and while it has an Android app and an iOS app, it will not include any of the enterprise functionality that you would expect.

It will use a platform called DataSift, which provides data mining and reporting to businesses.

“You can have an intelligence platform and it’s going to be a tool for data, but it’s also going to have a platform for analytics,” Lander said.

“And when you get that data in, you’re going to get insights on what you’ve done.

So you can start to look at trends, you can look at where you’re trending, and then you can figure out how you can optimize your operations to deliver more value to your customers.”

Lander noted that the project will initially focus on a set of products that are primarily aimed at large companies that have a lot of data.

“There are a lot more companies out there, and they need some of the capabilities of the data analytic tools that we have,” he said.

As part of the project, Vanguard is partnering with IBM, Google, and Amazon to build the new product.

The goal of DataRouts is to build out the “next generation of intelligence,” which will allow businesses to track their sales, revenue, and other data in real-time.

DataRouter is a product for companies that want to use analytics to identify and understand the performance of their business, and provide business intelligence to their customers.

Lander pointed out that the company is already using this technology in the financial service industry, and has already started to implement the data to make it easier to build more efficient data-driven products.

“They’re already using it in a number of ways in finance,” he told me.

“For example, they’ve built out the platform that you can use for that.”

The next generation Vanguard data products will be able to pull data from multiple sources and use it to improve business processes and deliver better outcomes.

In addition to the new features, Lander emphasized that the new products will not be limited to small businesses or organizations.

“This will be something that we’ve been working on for a long time,” he noted.

“In the next year or two, we’re going be able start to see it used across all of the businesses that we work with.”

Leder said that the next product is not intended to compete directly with the likes of Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud, which are popular enterprise data-mining and data-storing platforms, but will instead allow data analysts to use existing tools for analyzing large-scale data sets and deliver those insights to the enterprise.

“The data that we are using, the analytics that we’re using, are going to enable us to deliver great business intelligence and the insights that people want to see,” he explained.

Leder also noted that data is a “big thing” in the data industry.

“Data has become the go-to source for business intelligence,” he added.

“So it’s not just about the big companies.

It’s about all the small companies, as well.”

Vanguard, a company that has become a darling of the financial services industry and an industry favorite for its proprietary…