What to look for in the next federal election

With the election campaign in full swing, here are the headlines we’re looking out for: The big news: The election is over.

But that hasn’t stopped the news cycle from going in cycles.

So, here’s what to look out for as the next election approaches: What you need to know about the election: What we know: A majority of Australians now support Labor, according to a new poll conducted for ABC News.

But what do they actually think about the federal election?

Here’s what you need know about it: The latest on the federal and state elections, including a look at the latest polls and how the political landscape looks heading into the final days of campaigning.

Who are the Coalition and Labor?

Key points: One poll found 57 per cent of Australians supported Labor, while another showed 54 per cent did not support either party.

A second poll showed 57 per for Labor, and 53 per for the Coalition.

The pollster asked Australians what their party’s priorities were, including spending cuts, tax cuts, a reduction in the minimum wage, a more robust welfare system and a carbon tax.

In terms of preferences, it found 55 per cent would support Labor.

The results from the two polls are in line with a poll conducted by Essential Research, which found 54 per and 56 per per cent in favour of the Coalition, respectively.

However, Essential Research also found a significant minority of respondents were unsure which party they supported.

The results of that poll were not included in the Essential poll.

Why are the results so different?

The poll also showed that 54 per in favour for the Opposition, and 54 per against it.

How did you vote in the federal elections?

The ABC asked Australians if they were confident they would vote Labor, Liberal, Nationals or Greens in the upcoming federal election.

More than a quarter (27 per cent) of respondents said they were not confident in the election results, while 15 per cent said they had no opinion.

The ABC also asked Australians how much they expected to spend in the elections, and how much their family would be able to afford.

A majority (56 per cent), or 44 per cent, said they expected the Coalition to spend more money in the coming federal election, and a similar proportion (44 per cent for the Liberals) said they would expect the Liberal Party to spend less money.

When the election comes: The next federal poll is expected to be conducted on Monday, March 20.

The ABS will release a survey of the general public on March 25, with the ABC expected to publish its final poll results on Monday afternoon.

In the meantime, here is what you should know about all the latest politics news:

With the election campaign in full swing, here are the headlines we’re looking out for: The big news: The election…