The Latest: Kobe Bryant is the New Kobe

Kobe Bryant and LeBron James are now the biggest stars in the NBA.

While the two stars were considered two of the most successful players in the history of the sport, they have yet to have a superstar in their prime, which has left them with the unfortunate distinction of being the only two superstars in the league to have zero superstars.

Kobe Bryant has never been a star in his prime, but has been the most consistent star in the sport for the past several years.

Bryant has averaged over 31 points and 17 rebounds a game in the last four seasons, which would place him in the top five for a franchise if he retired at the age of 40.

The Lakers would be the third-highest-scoring team in the entire league if they could keep their star player.

James, on the other hand, is averaging 29 points and 13 rebounds a night and is currently tied for the lead with the Dallas Mavericks in total points and assists.

Bryant and James have both been on the receiving end of some of the greatest shots in NBA history and have the most efficient offense in the game.

In fact, Bryant and the Lakers have shot the ball better than any other team in history since 1992.

The fact that they have a team in their top five in points per game, assists per game and total points per 100 possessions, as well as having one of the best offenses in the world in terms of both total offense and assists, is truly an accomplishment in itself.

However, it does leave the question of who will be the next big star in basketball, and who is the most likely candidate to join the pantheon of stars to step up to the plate.

Kobe’s most likely successor to LeBron is a player named Kevin Durant, who has been one of basketball’s top performers in recent years.

Durant was born in Kansas and moved to Oklahoma City, which is known as a pro basketball powerhouse.

He averaged 27.5 points per contest and shot 43.9 percent from the field in his rookie year.

He also scored in double figures in all four of his NBA seasons and set a career high with 20 points against the Los Angeles Lakers in 2017.

However at the end of the year, Durant was traded to the Thunder and has since gone on to become the best player in the Western Conference.

Durant has averaged 30.5 ppg, 9.5 rpg and 5.6 apg over the past four seasons.

He is also averaging nearly 10 steals a game.

Durant is currently the best-paid player in NBA History and currently holds the record for most career earnings with $1.2 billion.

Durant also currently holds NBA records for most wins (19), most championships (seven) and most games played (11,000).

The last time Durant retired, he won a title with the Houston Rockets in 2017, which was his first title since joining the franchise in 1995.

The Warriors also have a star player in Klay Thompson, who averages 22.2 points and 8.4 rebounds per game.

Thompson is currently in the process of becoming the best point guard in NBA sports history.

He has been a consistent scorer for years and has never had a season where he finished with fewer than 50 points, assists or rebounds.

The point guard position has historically been a weak position for the Warriors, but Thompson has been able to win championships despite his shortcomings.

The question is, will Durant and Thompson step up?

Durant has been among the league’s best players for the last three years and is now the second-highest scoring player in history.

However he has never made the All-Star team and is just 26 years old.

The best player of his generation is Kobe Bryant, who averaged 28.1 points and 12.5 rebounds a contest in his first three seasons.

The former MVP is currently averaging 23.7 points and 14.6 rebounds a year.

The only player to average more points per possession than Durant is LeBron James, who currently has a staggering 34.6 points per minute.

Bryant is currently third in the all-time scoring list, while James is tied for fourth.

However James is currently a restricted free agent, and Durant will likely receive a max contract if he remains with the Thunder.

Kobe is the first player to lead his team in points, rebounds and assists since Kevin Garnett in 1999, and has also been a key cog in the Lakers championship run.

The most valuable player in basketball in recent memory is Kevin Durant.

Kevin Durant is now in the final year of his contract and will earn a max deal if he stays with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

He would make the Warriors the fourth-most valuable team in NBA histories if he remained with the team.

However with LeBron James already playing on another team, the Lakers could potentially go down as the most valuable team of all time.

With Durant and the Warriors currently on pace to become a playoff team for the first time since 2003, it

Kobe Bryant and LeBron James are now the biggest stars in the NBA.While the two stars were considered two of…