How Italy will deal with all the fallout of the World Cup

Italy will be in no doubt about where the blame lies for the disastrous World Cup final and will be determined to make sure the players get a fair chance to go out on top in this year’s Rugby World Cup.

The match between the hosts Australia and New Zealand was supposed to be a warm-up game for the final.

The Italians will play a tight match against the defending champions in the semi-finals. 

The Italians will also have to deal with the fallout from the World Cups biggest event, the Champions Cup, which will be held from May 9-15. 

“We have a clear objective: that the Italians will be playing in the Champions Trophy final, not in the World Championship final, in our backyard,” the head coach, Giovanni Trapattoni, told reporters after the match.

“This is our objective, but we also have a different objective: to take the whole of Italy.

We have to be able to do this.”

There will be no more World Cups in the next few months, but Trapattotti has no plans to abandon his players in the hope of getting them through the 2019 World Cup in Russia.

He believes the Italians can still make it through, even if they have to go through the World Championships finals.

“It’s not only the Italian team who will go through this World Championship finals, but all of us,” Trapattelli said.

“It’s the team who played against New Zealand, who lost the Super Rugby finals, who will play against Australia.

We’ve played against Australia and Italy in the Super League and the Super Cup, and we’ve won the Super 15 and the Champions 14. 

Italy’s squad will be bolstered by two key players, Andrea Pirlo and Leonardo Della Valle.

Pirlos is one of the top wingers in the world and is also considered one of Italy’s best wingers. 

Della Vallega is a very talented winger and a real threat to break teams down. 

A former top flight player, he made his international debut in 2010 and played for Italy in 2012, where he scored the opening try of the series against South Africa. 

However, DellaValle has been linked with a move to Argentina.

Trapattoli says he is happy to sign a player of his calibre for Italy, who have a huge budget to spend. 

For now, Trapattinelli has to decide whether the squad can make the most of a big opportunity and play with class or with a lack of focus. 

With so much to play for, there are no guarantees that Italy can be victorious in this World Cup and the World Series final.

Italy will be in no doubt about where the blame lies for the disastrous World Cup final and will be…